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Using state-of-the-art technology and low-altitude imaging, we are creating a new generation of planning for tourism, municipalities, and colleges. We now cover:

St. Mary’s College, MD

Solomons Island, MD

Leonardtown, MD

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St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Mary’s College makes announcement about the release of the St. Mary’s College Planning Tool

OCTOBER 13, 2016    St. Mary’s College of Maryland Introduces an interactive tool that allows visitors to take self-guided tours of campus

Starting today, prospective and current students, parents and other visitors to St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s website can take a self-guided tour of campus using the interactive 360º panorama tool developed in partnership with based in Lusby, Md.

Using drone technology, captured panoramic and ground level views of the SMCM campus. The panoramic views were taken from more than 300 feet in the air. The images capture every aspect of the public honors college for visitors to marvel at our beautiful campus.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is proud to be the first college to use the pilot program. Currently there is a Panoplanning Tool using this technology for Solomons, Md. and one for Leonardtown, Md. is forthcoming.

By clicking on icons above each location on the panoramic view, i.e. Anne Arundel Hall or the Campus Center, visitors will see a ground view image of the location, a brief description and links to more information on the college’s website.

Different icons allow visitors to view the campus with different camera angles such as street level and sky view.

With the images available on the interactive 360º panorama tool, visitors can find not only where they would like to go once they are on campus, but also have a visual of what it looks like.


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for Solomons Island, Maryland

The Solomons Island Panorama Planning Tool allows the beauty of this lovely coastal town to come alive.

Feel free to click and explore beautiful Solomon’s Island and St. Mary’s College. Zoom in and enjoy the intimate details of each location. Be sure to visit all aerial views (red cameras). Both aerial and street level panoramic images are available for your viewing pleasure.

See what one out-of-town couple has to say about our new technology: As first-time visitors to Solomon’s Island, my wife and I visited the Solomons Business Association’s website, and there we found the amazing panorama planning tool by  Wow!  We were delightfully surprised. We always try to get a geographic lay of the land and “feel” for the local business community prior to visiting a new destination. We usually use local Chambers of Commerce visitor maps, Google maps, and individual websites for our research. However, these tools now seem archaic, cumbersome, and inadequate when compared to This tool gave us a comprehensive, realistic, first-hand virtual tour of Solomon’s.  It was easy to navigate. The icons revealing local businesses and their functions in the community helped us greatly in planning our trip.  We visited all dining, entertainment, and local points of interest displayed on the website when we arrived on the island.  As a result, we felt like familiar friends, rather than lost tourists, during our visit to Solomon’s Island.  We would highly recommend that potential tourists new to the island visit to plan their trip to this beautiful town.


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Leonardtown, Maryland

Our newest addition to the PanoPlanning Tool library is Leonardtown, Maryland.

This amazing community of energized and engaged residents and business owners is a wonderful place to live, and to visit!  Both aerial and street level panoramic images are available for your viewing pleasure. Click on the hotspots to go right to the businesses’ websites. Fast. Efficient. Clean. Everything you want, and need to know.


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