Learning leads to empathy. Empathy leads to action. Nothing can portray the plight of displaced people better than Panoplanning’s Virtual Discovery Tour. We give 100% focus on the human condition in these circumstances, to create empathy, leading to action, on the part of the web visitor. Using aerial interactive panoramas for the broad pictures, and ground level panoramas to get up close and personal, we can put the web visitor “right there,” to see and learn and feel about the difficult circumstances faced by these unfortunate people. Action Buttons can lead to immediate contact for Donations, “Learning More,” etc. Our video menu allows you to feature your best programming, leveraging money and energy already spent of production. A Live Narrator introduces the web guest to the situation, and leads them towards your information found in the Virtual Discovery Tour. PanoPlanning’s CEO has past experience working with NGOs in refugee camps, documenting the efforts of these relief agencies.