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Do you stand out in the vast landscape of the internet, as you communicate the circumstances of your location to your web visitors? Or do you offer them the same old website dance: search – read – click – search – read – click?


You want your web guests to sit forward on the edge of their chairs as they learn, see, understand, empathize, and feel inspired by what you’re showing them.  You want them to act.


PanoPlanning’s Virtual Discovery Tour – our 360º Interactive aerial and ground level panorama tool – is the ultimate container for all of YOUR content-marketing. ALL of the information you want to communicate to your web visitors can be on display on our one mesmerizing interface.

Are We a Fit?

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  • Are you intrigued with what is new and what is innovative? And do you realize that your web visitors also want to see “new” and “exciting”?


  • Are you frustrated that websites are pretty much all the same? And do you struggle to compete for attention in this overwhelming digital arena?


  • Are you ready to combine PanoPlanning’s next-generation technology with your communication needs?


You can have a photographer snap your photo, or you can have a portrait artist spend the many hours it takes to study and learn who you are, and painstakingly portray that on canvas.

We’re the portrait artists. And you are our subject.

We bring 40 years of experience in advertising, marketing, video production, and more… all of it with an eye towards having our target demographic choose a behavior. Make a purchase. Send in a donation. Make a healthy choice.  We work with partners who share our commitment for excellence, creativity, and passion.


Benefits of our Virtual Discovery Tour

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Incomparable Perspective

Whether in the air or on the ground, inside or outside, there is NO better way – not photos, not video — to allow your web visitor to get a sense of your space and the context of your location. Our 360º Virtual Discovery Tour puts the web guest in control of his/her own exploration of your location, making it more exciting, more fulfilling, and more inspiring.

Stand Out from The Crowd

Our Virtual Discovery Tour is conspicuous and eye-catching in the best way possible, and allows you to stand out from the glut of digital content.

Unparalleled Content-Marketing

Our Virtual Discovery Tool stands alone in its ability to feature ALL of your content — your images, your descriptions,  your videos, links that you want to provide, and immediate Action Buttons — on one mesmerizing interface. No more clicking and searching and clicking and searching with many tabs open at once. It’s all right there, on a single interface, for your web visitor’s exploration.


See what one out-of-town couple has to say about our Solomons Island Virtual Discovery Tour: As first-time visitors to Solomon’s Island, my wife and I visited the Solomons Business Association’s website, and there we found the amazing Virtual Discovery Tour by  Wow!  We were delightfully surprised. We always try to get a geographic lay of the land and “feel” for the local business community prior to visiting a new destination. We usually use local Chambers of Commerce visitor maps, Google maps, and individual websites for our research. However, these tools now seem archaic, cumbersome, and inadequate when compared to PanoPlanning’s Virtual Discovery Tour. This tool gave us a comprehensive, realistic, first-hand virtual tour of Solomon’s.  It was easy to navigate. The icons revealing local businesses and their functions in the community helped us greatly in planning our trip.  We visited all dining, entertainment, and local points of interest displayed on the website when we arrived on the island.  As a result, we felt like familiar friends, rather than lost tourists.  We would highly recommend that potential tourists new to the island visit to plan their trip to this beautiful town.


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Bring us your questions and ideas! We love to brainstorm.

Are you feeling a little bit of tingling and exhilaration when you look through our projects? That’s your creativity at work, seeing in your mind’s eye what we can do for you. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

We love creative collaborations with people who are as passionate and purpose driven as we are, and we will travel the world to produce a good project with the right people.

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